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It's been more than half of year. New job is something different from the previous one. Something different, something new, something keep me busy, and something have excuse for me to stop blogging.
Never know there's really chance to step in to fashion industry and I also never know I will end up with doing Tshirts Design.
Small company is good, besides the paying part, they basically let you step in most of the thing in to company, you have more opportunity to learn from production to operation, and all that some people call in opportunity of learning, some said,"shit jobs".

around 7 months and counting...

the 22 year-old guy

1.It's 22 year-old 'kid' now.In many people eye still just a young dude, but what always came across my mind is : hey man, why are you still earning so little,and there's so many things you have not 'been that, done that' ,man.

2.The longer I live in Singapore, the longer I became materialistic. Some times is over spending and by end of month need to slow down everything that I spent including cigarette.

3.By the way, just watched Yes Man. What a cool movie that really give me a slap to wake up after since 95% personal growth. Slack for so many months, I guess it's time to be a little responsible to my self.


What Exactly is Branding?

Recently, I've been heard a lots of 'Branding' in my working place. As a designer of clothing label, basically not only just selling design, goods but also brand.

Branding, need a very strong and powerful marketing strategy. But, there's no right way or wrong way to doing branding. Some people just like to hard sell it and they might success by targeting the right person.

What I want to say is, my boss is those kind of people that really try hard to selling the brand. Each time, each design, he will try hard to insert anyhow logo in it, if can. There's nothing wrong with doing that because that's the way the brand work, is like "upreme, Stussy, or Bape. But some times I just confuse with, "who are you selling to?" or "who is your target?".

Maybe because I just joint, and still don't get into these kind of branding strategy, and it might not be the way I will doing on my brand, but somehow ,still there's really nothing wrong by doing that.

Working in Singapore about 1 years, and I've experience 2 or 3 different company working style, which also a part of learning for my self~

Wednesday baby~ 2 more days...


30 days I've been working. Another totally different line, different with any other design shit. I design is to sell and I'm sure I'm sure my design is selling more expensive than many of designers.

Why not? 1 T-shirt let's say $40, if 1 design sold 50 pcs, is $2000, minus maybe half for cost, and margin is 1k.

These crap is just for my own stupid motivate, because recently my boss is starting let go more task for me to handle, more responsible, and some 'positive pressure'.

If my design fucked, my company also fucked. shit.

Some how, this job is kinda different, I'm not learning being a graphic designer, I also will involve fashion design, windows display design, brand design and shit lots more. lol!

The Life of Revolness

The second week of my job so far. My task is simple but yet hard. Why is that?

My task:

1. In charge of Designs including T-shirts, Caps, Print kits, Maintaining Website for a Singapore clothing brand Revoltage.

2. My task is to repeat the 1. almost everyday.

Can't comment much, it's just my second week.


Recently addicted to Malaysiakini.

It's funny, it makes you angry, it makes you laugh, it makes you wonder, wonder when will they stop playing masak-masak then after that Monopoly.

The giant behind me...

After reading Wongpk's blog which he talking about his mum, so much thing suddenly flash back in my head.

People who close to me, they know I grow up in a family that not complete, My dad and mum separated since long time ago before I've born. So in my whole life, I don't even know what actually a dad play his roll in a family besides giving money.

When I was small, my mum have to be the mother and father, she have to take care of me and my sister all alone. That time, I though that's not a big deal and I though it suppose to be like that.

After I graduate my high school, I continue my diploma in Selangor and that's the first time I know that the important of my mum. I didn't realize how much she care about me until the first time I call back home. All the suddenly, those nagging became so touch, and that's the first time I really understand how much she have been done to me.

Now I'm a social guy, working class people or whatever you call it. Almost 22 years she taking care of me, she still doing it.
One time, I look into a picture that she took with my sister, she look a little older. All these years, she have sacrifices all her life to take care of us and I don't even notice.

Maybe I'm not a greatest son after all, but I will do great as I'm the only man in family. For my mum.

New Hope

I've got a job.

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